Milk Donation Week 5-JJ’s Auto

Thanks to JJ’s Auto for donating the milk for spaghetti dinner!


Milk Donation Week 4-Community Eye Care

Thanks to Community Eye Care for donating the milk for spaghetti dinner!

Award Winners Week 3

Hulk- Tyler VanDeHei

Award Winners Week 3

Hammer/ Scout-Justin VandeHei

Award Winners Week 3

Ultimate Warrior- Christian Cornell

Award Winners Week 2


Ultimate Warrior- Aaron Guerts

Hammer/Scout Player- Dylan Kuske

Hulk- Cody Roskom



Award Winners Week 1

Hammer- Christian Cornell

Ultimate Warrior- Cody Roskom

Hulk- Eli Oskey

Milk Donation Week 3- Jim Palmer

Thanks to Jim Palmer for donating the milk for spaghetti dinner and coming and eating with us!


Player’s Blog

Don’t forget to check out the Players Blog section where you will hear directly from the players on each game. Week 1 features Senior Eli Oskey!



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