Player Blog

Week 3 – Wrightstown

As we headed into this week of practice I knew we were going to have a tough one on our hands. We knew it wasn’t going to be Green Bay East or West so we had to bring it in practice every single day. Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to start at right guard on the varsity level, so heading into this game I was really looking forward at getting revenge on them from our game last year. This really made me focus on the job at hand. As we headed out onto the field I knew we were going to be bringing our best every single play. As the game went on my feeling began to come true. Our defense was holding strong not giving the Tigers much of an edge on their offense, however, their defense was too. Both teams made big plays, but in the end we wound up shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties. Even with only three penalties total throughout the game they just all came at unfortunate times. In the end though I thought we played very tough against a very tough team. It definitely gives us something to build off of in which we can only get better from here.


Cody Roskom # 67


Week 1 Green Bay East

 This game meant a lot to me. Going into the game I was very nervous. It was my very first varsity start and the amount I played in the game was more than what I played all last year. One of the best feelings a player can have is scoring on the very first play of the game. When we did that, it helped all the players on offense relax. Throughout the game we only ran three plays. A team doesn’t have to run more plays when you are getting 10 yards a run. Coming out of the first week with a win always feels great. It also is a huge confidence builder for the rest of the season.

Eli Oskey # 73