Player’s Blog

Game vs Xavier
Going into the game against Xavier, we thought we could out tough them up front because they were more of a finesse team. This was a very different style of game compared to the previous game against Wrightstown when all Wrightstown wanted to do was pound the ball. To start the game, we drove down the field for 6. Then they march the ball pretty easily against our defense for 7. We then go down and score. We were up 12-7 at the quarter. In the second half, both teams ended up scoring touchdowns and the score was 18-13. Right before halftime, Xavier made a field goal to close our lead to two. This game was going to come down to who could get a stop. By the end of the game, it came down to who could finish drives offensively and defensively and we came up just short, losing 24-25.

Game at Shawano
One could definitely say that our Shawano game was a tale of two halves. The first half and before the game, you could just sense that something was a little off and things were weird. First off, we get to Shawano High School a little sooner than some would have liked and we ended up sitting in the locker room and waiting for about 45 minutes until we went out to warm up for special teams. Sitting for that long, guys can start to get anxious and start losing focus. The start of the first half and the entire first half, it seemed that we could get anything going our way. Our defense gave up some big runs and we gave up a safety. So we went into halftime down 0-9. Right before halftime, Cayden started to gage and throw up. We wasn’t feeling very good for most of the week. He ended up not playing in the second half. At halftime, we knew we had to step up our games and bring it, especially being without one of our best players and leaders on both sides of the ball. We received to start the second half and drove the ball right down the field for a touchdown! We missed the extra point, so now we were still down 6-9. We kicked off and the started to match the ball again. As the got just over midfield, Coach Vandehei made a great call and disguising our cover three zone to look like cover two. When we shifted to cover three, the Shawano quarterback didn’t see it coming and our defense came up with an interception. At this point, we had all of the momentum and it didn’t stop. The rest of the game our defense came up with stops, and our offense found a way to get the ball in the end zone. We would go on to beat Shawano 27-9.

Josh Krause